Workshops and guided tours

Exhibitions are accompanied by workshops and guided tours for schools and day care centres in Hyvinkää and adjoining areas. Workshops enhance the exhibition experience through artistic expression and promote children’s multiculturalism and art education through the medium of visual arts.

The Art Centre for Children and Young People, often with its neighbours in Villa Arttu (Taito Crafts and Design School South-Finland and Hyvinkää Art School for Children and Young People) or with various co-operation partners, organises theme days for children of different ages, for families, and sometimes even for adults.



The art centre designs and organises training for people involved in art education for children and young people, such as teachers and day care staff. The art centre also designs and organises training events in co-operation with a number of bodies in various fields. Training and education can also be tailored to suit different needs. The art centre collaborates closely with its Villa Arttu neighbours in organising training and education.

The art centre collaborates with the member organisations of the Art Centre for Children and Young People Foundation. Through these member organisations, the art centre has at its disposal various experts in the field of culture and education. On the other hand, the art centre provides opportunities for students in the foundation’s member universities, Department of Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, and School of Art and Design, Aalto University, to pursue practical training and study projects. Furthermore, the art centre’s international collection of children’s and young people’s art offers a great deal of material for academic theses and dissertations. The art centre is also keen to develop co-operation with other educational institutions.

The art centre additionally hires its facilities to external education organisers. The art centre has classrooms for artistic activities and they are available as required. Inquiries for hiring the gallery space are also welcome.

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